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Personal Training
In Robide’s Personal training, I will guide you through your customized Personal training session, in the environment of your choice (gym, at home, outdoors, etc.) With my help you will be able reach your limits every time.
✓ Individual Training session
✓ Correct execution of the exercises
✓ Customized to your goals: Muscle-gain, performance-enhancing, strength-increasing
CHF 75.00 (per hour) Buy
Training plan

You will receive a questionnaire from me in which you enter your data about training, nutrition, preferences and health. On the basis of this data I will personally create your individual training plan.

✓ Analysis of your eating behaviour
✓ Analysis of your previous training plan
✓ Goal setting
✓ Individual training plan
✓ Optimization possibilities for your everyday life

CHF 130.00 buy