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Robin Huber
Manager of Robide‘s

As a teenager, I trained with weights for the first time and never got away from it. For years, I have been dealing intensively on the scientifically optimal nutrition for humans. I have weighed my daily meals so I could always keep control of my nutritional composition. In addition to that, I have kept a record of all my training routines.

In order to achieve his goals, exact planning and implementation are indispensable in my opinion.

Even today, I pay attention to a balanced, healthy diet. In addition to that, my strength training is geared toward progression and improving my performance. I take every opportunity to further my education in nutrition and strength training. Additionally, I am studying at university to get my bachelor’s degree in business economics.

Whatever your goal is, whether it’s weight loss, weight gain or simply a healthier lifestyle. I’ll help you achieve your goals!