The key to success: The diet!

The key to success: The diet!

The diet is the key to success

Why should you think more about your own diet?

You workout regularly, but do not make any or at least very slow progress? Very often the workout is not the fault, but nutrition is, because it plays an important, if not the most important, role in terms of health and athletic performance.

You’ve probably already heard the following statement: “Athletic success depents 80 percent on training and 20 percent on nutrition.” The explicit percentages do not matter, they vary with every statement made. The main problem lies in the idea of ​​wanting to make the athletic success either primarily from the training or primarily dependent on the diet. In reality, optimal success will namely occur only if you adapt both to 100% of the individual objective. There will be very poor progress, for example, if the diet has been adjusted, but no stimulus to build muscle through training is set. On the other hand, one can still work so hard in the gym – If the diet is not optimized, then potential is always wasted!

Why is a healthy diet that important?

The main task of a healthy diet is in the first place the energy supply of the human body in the form of calories. Thus, the calorie balance and thus primarily the diet determines whether to increase or decrease. In addition, factors such as the distribution of macronutrients play a crucial role in athletic success. For example, if muscle hypertrophy is the primary goal, then enough protein must be added to allow the body to build muscle.
Another important factor influencing nutrition is the health and well-being of humans. The intake of vitamins and minerals as well as the correct amount of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids can already have a decisive, positive influence on your health.

All in all, a healthy diet is therefore an immensely important factor in terms of athletic success, but especially in terms of our health. In the best case, you combine a well-designed, regular training with an adapted diet and thereby achieve optimal progress in all the areas mentioned.

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